Your outsourced Legal Department

05 March 2019

Why you should consider outsourcing your legal department

  • Small, medium and large sized companies always need  legal advice on various issues that arise in their daily business including but not limited to, HR/ employment issues, Shareholder and Board resolutions, Directors and Managers duties and liabilities, and drafting and reviewing of commercial agreements relating to their business.
  • Companies which have variety and volume of legal issues can mistakenly believe that that they will be able to reduce costs and handle their own legal matters through hiring an in-house lawyer.
  • As a law firm with extensive experience dealing with in-house counsel, we know that in-house lawyers always require additional support of a law firm as they are often not experienced or qualified to handle larger commercial transactions, corporate governance issues and litigation/arbitration matters. Therefore, companies usually end up incurring the additional expense of hiring law firms.
  • GERMELA LOOTAH is experienced in providing its clients with an outsourced legal department therefore effectively acting as your in-house legal team.
  • Our local and international experts take care of all your legal matters right from the set-up of your company through to its growth and maturity.
  • BENEFITS of outsourcing your legal department:
    • Law firms have a full team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers who are specialist in various area of laws.
    • The law firm acts as your in-house legal team.
    • Avoid expenses associated with an employee including, high salary, visa costs, gratuity and leave payments.
    • Have your own client relationship manager as your direct contact for ecient communication for all your legal affairs.


  • We have a team of Local and International qualified lawyers
  • We are committed to understanding your business and legal needs
  • We strive to provide you with practical legal and business solutions
  • We support entrepreneurs turn visionary ideas into profitable businesses through oering specialist legal expertise and market focused business advice

OUR LEGAL PROMISE is to offer our clients customized packages and different payment options, to meet their specific needs and requirements. As your outsourced legal department, we will provide you with:
Comprehensive Legal Advice
On all legal matters in Corporate & Commercial law, including but not limited to Company Set Ups, Corporate Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, and Partnerships, Employment and Tax law (VAT), Banking and Finance laws.
Contract Drafting
Review and draft legal agreements including Commercial Distribution, Agency, Cooperation, Lease and Investment agreements, MOU’s, and other all legal documents that support your business transactions.
Corporate Secretarial Services
Including administrative services, maintaining shareholders, directors and company secretary registers, drafting board/shareholder’s resolutions, preparing and attending appointments at the notary public for notarization of documents; incorporation services; deal with governmental authorities, such as DED, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation; license issues.
General/Annual Assemblies
Preparing and attending board/shareholder’s meetings and minutes.
Governance & Compliance
Monitoring the changes in the law and updating the management.
Handling cross-border cases
Liaising with other affliated GERMELA law firms and legal consultancies abroad.
Litigation & Arbitration
Representing you before courts and arbitration tribunals and advising on the enforcement of (foreign) arbitral awards and judgements;

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